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Consultant. Artist. Creative Coach.

I assist in finding new approaches to creativity and maximizing creative output. I provide consultation to companies in developing an innovative culture.

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“The CREATIVE Sessions are designed with a lot of heart and are a great change from everyday life and a super way to boost creativity!”

📝 CREATIVE Session on November 25, 2023 - translated from German


"I am personally engaged in creative activities, psychotherapy, literature, and music, and I enjoy exploring the topic of creativity from new perspectives and with great motivation."

🚌 Move That Buzz! Newsletter on November 4, 2023  - translated from German


"For me, this was the beginning of a hopefully starting creative journey! I have already recommended the creative sessions to multiple people."

📝 CREATIVE Session on October 26, 2023 - translated from German


"Professionally and inspiringly guided through the exercises with a pleasant voice and pace. I am completely uplifted and happy after the online meeting, thank you. I will definitely participate again and recommend your offerings to others."

📝 CREATIVE Session on October 26, 2023 - translated from German


"Creativity is an untamed force that is sometimes not utilized enough in everyday life. Tobias helps to awaken it. The sessions are a discreet guide to dive into one's own creative depths."

📝 CREATIVE Session on October 3, 2023 - translated from German

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In addition to weekly online offerings on a donation basis, I also provide individual coaching and workshops.

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In addition to advising executives, I offer workshops, trainings, and talks.

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About Me

With > 10 yrs. of consulting experience and >5 yrs. of managing a counseling center, along with being an experienced live musician and published author, I am well-equipped to help individuals and organisations foster their creativity. I have two Master's degrees in consulting, design, and creative writing, as well as various certifications including Scrum Master and UX professional.

My Articles

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The Inner River: How to Get Your Ideas Flowing

Discover how you can never doubt getting ideas again. With the right mindset, ideas come naturally.

My second brain

My Second Brain: How Productivity Makes Me More Creative

Discover how using a system of apps can help you free up more space for creativity in your daily life.

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