I offer you a glimpse into my chaotic, wonderfully imperfect workbench. Even incomplete and completely unusable ideas can serve as the catalyst for a chain of events. Determining whether an idea is good or bad is often impossible. Therefore, release it and relinquish control. Embrace the spotlight of failure and celebrate the process at its lowest level! 🙌

Textperiments in German on Tumblr


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Foto by Adam Janisch

I am extremely grateful for the photoshoot last Sunday. It takes more than just technical skills to take good photos. Shootings are creative processes. Therefore, it seems that a special talent of photographers is to create a psychologically safe environment in which ideas and emotions dare to come into the picture in the first place.

📸 by Adam Janisch 🔗

All the other 📸 are by Monika Karczmarczyk 🔗 and Aleksandra Czekalska

If we are nature 🌱 - and it is hard to explain it otherwise - is it surprising that we want to grow?

Parks & Recreation

Recently, I saw the amazing Nick Hoffman in Parks & Recreation. I fell in love with him after watching the third episode of The Last of Us - the HBO adaptation of my favourite PlayStation game!

Months like this September have 38 days.

6:52 PM 

Creativity is not just the superhuman "Big C" creativity. It is also the little things that playfully exist beneath clover leaves. It's planting freckles without the neighbour complaining. It's the morning sun painting our breath. A creative life encompasses our interaction with life. Those things that undeniably belong to us. 

Serendipidy Hotel in Hanoi

We just have to open ourselves up. Soon, life rushes in on a scooter and takes us to a place where anything is possible. That's serendipity. Hanoi was right in the middle of it.