• In person or online on Google Meet
  • 90 Euros / 60-minute session + limited spots at a reduced price
  • *Anyone who donates 30 euros to a charity after an intro call with me and my approval will receive a free CREATIVE coaching session until the end of January. 🌍💚

The ability to be creative is increasingly important in this uncertain world. The beauty is: We can all learn to be creative. The investment is worth it, as it helps us solve problems more effectively and find a fulfilling life that we love through creativity. The result is increased self-confidence, well-being, and satisfaction

In CREATIVE Coaching, the focus is on your creativity. Topics can be broad, such as: How do I discover my unique expression? How do I start? How do I overcome fears and blocks? How do I handle the pressure to perform? How do I maintain inspiration and productivity? What about success and failure? How can I cultivate love for my life

Questions can also be more specific, like: How does storytelling work? How can I improve my academic or creative writing? What other techniques exist besides brainstorming? How can I lead creative teams effectively? How can I creatively solve problems? How can I make sound decisions? How can I create a second brain? How does Notion function? 

To get started, schedule a free Intro Call. During the call, I will introduce you to my services and we can determine if CREATIVE coaching is right for you. For individuals with low income, I have a limited number of spots available at a reduced price. Additionally, I pledge to donate 9.4 percent of my profits to international charitable causes every year.