Creativity Coaching

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  • Online on Google Meet
  • Coaching: 90 Euros / 60-minutes
  • Pocket Coaching: 29 Euros / 15-minutes
  • Limited spots at a reduced price

My impact


"Wonderful excursions of the senses"

Katharina on February 29, 2024 about the 🤝 Coaching
- translated from German -


I've been delaying working on my arts PhD for wayy too long. It took only two hours with Tobi, and now I understand the structure, the process, and which software to use. I have a timeline and actually feel motivated. Big recommendation!

Monika on February 6, 2024 about the 🤝 Coaching


"Creativity is like a primal source for me, which often gets buried in everyday life. Tobias has helped me rediscover this resource and use it purposefully. It's enjoyable and very enlightening!”

Anonymous on January 24, 2024 about the 🤝 Coaching
- translated from German -


"A very mindful session that helped me find my way out of my own complicated maze of thoughts. Afterwards, I felt very uplifted and back in my own creative power. Thank you!"

Julia on January 20, 2024 about the 🤝 Coaching
- translated from German -

Creativity and productivity are crucial skills in the 21st century. Fortunately, we can all learn to be more creative and productive. Investing time and effort into these areas can yield significant returns. Through coaching, we learn to express their authentic selves amidst daily life struggles. This lays the foundation for a life we love.

Each of my 🤝 coaching sessions lasts 60 minutes. While individual sessions can provide important insights, real change takes time. We cannot instantly alter beliefs, habits, and patterns that have been ingrained over a lifetime. I typically recommend 3 to 10 sessions for substantial progress.

I also offer 👜 Pocket Coachings, which are 15-minute, cost-effective sessions. These are ideal for supporting various projects, from dissertations to documentary films. As an accountability partner, I assist my clients in achieving their objectives.

To get started, book a free ☕ Intro Coffee via Calendly. During this short video conference, I aim to understand your concerns and introduce you to my services. For individuals with low income, I offer coaching spots at a reduced price. Additionally, I commit to donating 9.4 percent of my profits to international charitable causes.

Coaching or Pocket Coaching?

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Coaching provides comprehensive support in creative and productive processes. It could be a one-time session or regular meetings. Typically, a coaching session lasts 60 minutes and is priced at 90 Euros. Discounted rates are available for low-income individuals. 

Pocket Coaching is for those seeking a reliable partner for their creative and productive processes. It offers regular check-ins at a more affordable price to help you stay on track. A Pocket Coaching session lasts 15 minutes and costs 29 Euros. Reduced rates are also offered for low-income individuals. 

You can decide whether coaching or pocket coaching is best for you during an Intro Coffee. Book your Intro Coffee here

What topics can be covered during coaching sessions?

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In my coaching, the focus is on enhancing your creativity and productivity. Topics can include questions such as: What is important to me? How can I do more of that? How do I start? How do I overcome fears and blocks? How do I manage performance pressure? How do I stay motivated and inspired? What are the dynamics of success and failure?

There can also be more specific questions like: How does storytelling function? What is my unique voice? How can I enhance my writing skills? What other techniques exist besides brainstorming? How do I lead creative teams? How do I solve problems effectively? How do I make decisions? How do I build a productivity system? How does Notion operate?

I can't afford the price. Can I get it cheaper?

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While the price reflects my qualifications, I believe it's important to make creative and productive skill development accessible to more than just wealthy individuals. If the price is too expensive for you, please discuss it with me during the Intro Coffee. I have a limited number of discounted spots available.


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