CREATIVE Community

Creative Community

Foto: Monika Karczmarczyk

  • Video conference via Google Meet
  • Every Tuesday from 7:30-8:30 pm, max. 10 participants
  • Access 15 minutes before the start
  • Participation on a donation basis

The CREATIVEcommunity is a place where we exchange ideas and embark on a journey towards a creative life together. It is based on reciprocity. Therefore, all participants should be willing to contribute and share how their creativity is currently expressed in their daily lives. Whether you are curious or a professional, everyone is welcome!

To ensure accessibility for all individuals, regardless of income, the exercises are donation-based. Participants will receive details about the donation in an email after the session. Booking a slot requires explicit consent to our Privacy Policy for Google Meet (Opt-in).

Do I have to create art to participate in the CREATIVE Community?

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No, participation in the CREATIVE Community is not limited to art creation. It is about creative expression, and everyone is welcome because everyone is creative. Assessing creativity is not necessary. However, it is important for participants to be willing to share their own personal creative expression with the group. What they choose to share is always their own decision.

What can my contributions look like?

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In the community, participants can focus on various questions, such as: What challenges am I facing? What is going well, and what would I like to improve? How do others assess my texts, pictures, work? The focus is determined by the person making the contribution, and I will moderate the exchange methodically.

What is your role as a moderator?

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As a moderator, my role is to facilitate the exchange in a systematic manner. I provide important rules, keep track of time, and create a safe framework for participants. Please note that participation is only available for individuals aged 18 and above, so we do not need to consider specific youth protection requirements. Any contributions, statements, or behaviors that violate the dignity of others will not be tolerated.

Do my works need to meet a certain level of quality for me to participate in the community?

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No, there is no requirement for works to meet a specific level of quality. Quality is subjective, and the goal of the community is to support each other in our creative journeys. The focus is not on delivering perfect products. Participants can contribute their own texts and ask for feedback, but it can also be about other questions related to the creative process (as mentioned above). Depending on the topics discussed, I will employ different methodical approaches.

Does everyone always get a chance to contribute?

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No, due to limited time, it is not possible for all participants to share their contributions in each session. Typically, only about two contributions can be engaged with in an hour, and the rest of the time is dedicated to the group. However, I will ensure that participants who did not have a chance to contribute are given priority in the following week's session, increasing their probability of having an opportunity to share.

Can I just observe without actively participating?

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No, active participation is required from the beginning in the CREATIVE Community. However, the type of contribution is up to the participants themselves. It is important for all participants to consider their potential contribution in advance. The camera remains activated during the community session to enable collaboration and create a comfortable environment for everyone to participate.

How much does each session cost?

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The community operates on a donation basis, allowing participants to contribute an amount they can afford and that reflects the value they received from the community. Donation details will be provided after each community session. This donation-based approach aims to make creativity accessible to everyone regardless of their income. As a global community, we all benefit when more people embrace their creativity.

How do I gain access to the CREATIVE Community?

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Simply click on the Calendry link in the description and book yourself for the CREATIVE Community session you wish to join. The participation link will be sent to you via email. A reminder email will also be sent the day before the session.

Is there a way to stay updated?

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You are welcome to subscribe to my 🚌 Move That Buzz! Newsletter, where I provide weekly guidance in developing your own creativity and offer inspiration.